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"Very professional service received felt at ease at all times with both doctor and secretary."
"In particular I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Pain Team in general, for the gentle kindness they have shown to me on all occasions"
"Very pleased with my dealings with The Pain Team, and I wish all hospital and doctors appointments could be as efficient."
"I can’t thank Dr Aldington enough for his endeavour to make my back better and for the treatment I received but we both agreed that the trouble was with my age, which comes to us all."
"I saw Dr Seifert, he was very friendly, helpful and explained my condition we.  He even called me in early and suggested another medication which is helping when I thought there would probably be nothing else to try. I was taken seriously unlike when I have been seen by NHS pain clinic."
"Although it has taken a little while to identify the source of my pain I am very happy with the support and treatment I have received. Unfortunately we have not been able to eliminate the pain I now have coping strategies to manage pain."
"The difference in what is charged and what BUPA pay should be explained."
"The Pain Team have improved the quality of my day-to-day existence enormously.  I remain most grateful."
"Dr Seifert has always given me excellent advice + treatment.  I have valued his advice on the options available to me and been impressed by his caring attitude."
"Karen is always efficient + friendly. It always a pleasure to speak to her.
I would not fail to recommend the team to my friends and family (infact I already have!)."
"I was very happy with the outcome, for the first time in over 5 years I suffer no pain in my lower left back area (facet joint) for 3 months now!  The facet joint denervation procedure proved to be very successful (so far) in my case."


"The Pain Team have improved the quality of my day-to-day existence enormously. I remain most grateful."