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This remains the gold standard for spine problems.
However, up to 85% of us show abnormal findings without back pain. Thus it is not very “specific”. Is it though very “sensitive”. As a result it is often more use for what it does not show.

One drawback to MRI is that some people are not happy being placed in a relatively confined space. Other reasons for being unable to have an MRI are having a pacemaker and having some types of metal in their body; such as fragments in their eye or brain.

These scans can be obtained through both the NHS and Private systems. Contact us for more details.


This is good to “see” the bones with but less good with regard to the discs and other soft tissues.

It may be of value if someone is unable to have an MRI, but again it involves being placed in a fairly confined space.


These tend to be the quickest and easiest images to obtain but are probably the least sensitive, certainly as far as the pain clinic goes.

However, we do use X-rays to guide us when we place needles into and around the spine but here they are being used for a different purpose.


"I saw Dr Seifert, he was very friendly, helpful and explained my condition we. He even called me in early and suggested another medication which is helping when I thought there would probably be nothing else to try. I was taken seriously unlike when I have been seen by NHS pain clinic."